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The current Covid-19 situation and Government guidelines are allowing group classes to go ahead as normal and we have upto 2 people sharing one piece of pole equipment.

Both social distancing and cleaning protocols are still in place within the studio to help provide the highest safety possible for our attending students.

A bottle of cleaning solution is provided for each pole and they are required to be cleaned before and after class. Students are encouraged to bring your own towel/wipe for personal use, however a new microfibre cloth will be on hand for every student to wipe the pole with.

Instructors will be limiting spotting to students (unless absolutely necessary where there is a risk to the student's safety within a move) and distance will be maintained at all times with the Instructor having their own pole to demo moves on.

Masks are encouraged to be worn when inside the building, though it is not mandatory. Hand sanitiser is also on hand throughout the building and within the studio. Masks do not need to be worn during exercise.