Meet the Team

NATASHA MEDLIN - Co-Owner | POLE INSTRUCTOR (oxford & Banbury)

Natasha once had a spontanious idea to start Pole Dancing. She went alone to a class in Oxford and Pole very quickly became addictive! 

Natasha loves performing and sets goals to compete Nationally - she enjoys the rollercoaster of hard work and enjoyment it brings!

Achievements so far:

– 2nd place BPSC 2018 Doubles

– Winners of Lincolnshire Pole Championships Doubles 2016

– 3rd place Professional category – LucyPole Cup 2016

– Winners of Doubles category – Pole2Pole Cup 2015

– 2nd place Doubles category – Midlands Pole Championships 2015

– 3rd place Doubles category – Miss Pole Dance Amateur and Semi Pro 2015

Natasha finds teaching so much fun and rewarding. She loves seeing how her students grow in confidence, ability and strength. Helping them along their individual pole journeys whether it’s for keeping fit or entering competitions is a passion of hers.




Craig Wright- co-owner

Craig is the future husband and sedulous member of the team to Natasha. He has developed a keen interest in Pole Fitness and found inspiration from the likes of Dimitry Politov and Alex Magala. Craig is hoping to train as an instructor and become a role model in introducing more men to the art. He is a fine advocat for post-injury fitness after suffering a grade 4 dislocation of his shoulder following a  motorbike accident. 


Julia humes - pOLE iNSTRUCTOR (oxford)

Julia started pole dancing in 2014 and after many years of trying all kinds of sports including rugby, running and dancing, she found something that stuck and has never looked back!

After training and getting her beginners Instructor qualification while in Leeds she moved to Oxford in 2019 and immediately found the pole community. She loves to teach and see her students improve and do things they didn’t think they could. Her main goals are to complete her instructor qualifications to advanced level and maybe even compete one day, but mainly to just keep enjoying being on the pole.





Shelby Mccullough - pOLE iNSTRUCTOR (banbury & Oxford)

Shelby’s pole journey started in 2019 when she finally walked in the doors of a local pole studio she had driven past for many years--and became instantly obsessed. From then on, she took classes almost daily, ranging from pole tricks and floorwork to freestyle and seductive dance.
Shelby loved not only how strong and confident pole dancing made her feel, but also how supportive and welcoming the pole community was.

She started teaching pole in 2021 after receiving her group fitness qualification. Shelby’s favourite thing about teaching is being able to see her students succeed and gain confidence in themselves.





Amelia Hallas - pOLE iNSTRUCTOR (oxford)

Amelia went to her first pole dance class in 2017. Having done ballet from a young age and tried lots of different sports at uni, it wasn’t until she started her PhD in Edinburgh and found pole dancing that she found a sport she really loved - from the first class she was hooked. During her pole journey she’s focused on technique and building strong basics which now allow her to try out new tricks and combos with confidence.

After training pole in Edinburgh for 4 years, she moved down to Oxford for work and found destiny pole studio as her new pole home. Destiny pole has such a welcoming and friendly pole community that Amelia decided she wanted to actively contribute to as an instructor, so she completed her beginners training in 2023.

She’s looking forward to teaching new students about the sport she loves and bringing more people into the pole community.





Nicola Mensah - POLE INSTRUCTOR (Oxford)

Nicola enjoys running and cross training but in 2017 decided to try a pole class after sessions started at her local gym in Oxford and has been finding any excuse to get on a pole ever since!

Nicola loves her pole family and is now training to get her beginners instructor qualification as she has enjoyed watching beginners grow in both confidence in ability due to the safe and friendly environment in her pole community.

Her goal is to use her experience as a beginner to help students meet their goals, whilst having lots of fun continuing to develop in her ability and skill.



Dani went to her first pole class in 2011 where she fell in love with pole dancing instantly and her passion grew from there. She has travelled the country to many different studios to train with other instructors and in doing so has developed her own unique pole dancing style.

Dani enjoys creating routines and performing on stage and has been lucky enough to perform in several showcases over the years in burleaque and in pole. She had a break from pole after having her little boy in 2019 and found Destiny Pole on her return from pregnancy and signed up for sessions with Natasha in October 2020. Since retuning it is clear her love for pole has never gone away and Dani feels more ambitious than ever, knowing thart she had to become an instructor and share her passion with others. There is nothing more satisfying than watching students nail a move they have been working on, seeing the excitement in their faces and knowing exactly how happy they feel.

Dani says "It means so much to me to be able to teach for this amazing studio, I can't wait to share that with you!"