Our Prices and what we offer here at Destiny Pole Studio

Here at Destiny Pole Studio we offer a range of payment and package options to suit your needs and to fund your new addiction!! :-) From 'Pay as you Go' to 'Class Packs', 'Private Lessons' and 'Courses'... There's a Pole session to suit every requirement and budget.

WE HAVE TWO VENUES TO CHOOSE FROM - OXFORD AND CHARLTON, NR BANBURY  (Prices will vary slightly between the two locations)

Beginners Courses 

This  is our most popular and cost effective option. Courses teach the basics and techniques of pole to get you spinning around in no time! They are designed for people who have never done pole before and so therefore everyone within that group will be in the same boat, and probably also come by themselves just like you!

At the end of each level, you will then move up with the 'group' and continue to learn new tricks and spins, whilst building the strength and confidence within yourself... and being in a group of the same ability, our students say it is so encouraging.

You will:

  • grow as a group 
  • meet new people of the same ability 
  • directed programme to help keep you motivated 
  • hone the key basics 
  • no strength required to start
  •  Discounted upfront cost for 4 sessions as opposed to pay as you go 


NEW 4 WEEKS BEGINNERS COURSE - Oxford- Starting Weds 10th January 2024!!
£37.50 for all 4 sessions - only 10 SPACES AVAILABLE!


Pay as you Go 

If you are new to pole and can't commit to the same time slot every week for our courses, then enjoy the same benefits but in a class setting! These sessions can be booked for any level of Pole - Beginner right through the advanced!

  •  Same directed program as our courses to help keep you motivated
  •  Attend different classes at a time and day that suits you, and only pay for that class
  • Be inspired by others around you
    • No need to wait for a 'Beginners course' to begin, start whenever you feel ready!!
  •   £11 per 60min session Oxford
  • £12.50 per 60min session Banbury
  • Various classes to suit different levels of Pole.


Class Packs

Just the same as Pay as you Go, but buy a bulk in order to save yourself some money! Like a membership, without the ties ;-)

Class packs offered are available in the following amounts (both to be used within 6 weeks from purchase):


4 Class pack - £39

6 Class pack - £55 (6 sessions for the price of 5!)


4 Class pack - £44

6 Class pack - £62 (6 sessions for just a fraction under the price of 5!) 

This option is very popular among our current students who have completed courses and/or who want to pole more than just once a week!

just head to the "Prepaid" section of the booking website, found in the top right hand corner to purchase.

Pole Practice sessions

Designed so that you can practice your new found skills!

Although not a taught class, one of the Instructors will be there to help assist you if you're not sure of something or to spot you in a move you don't feel quite confident to do on your own yet....although you may find us practising our own skills alongside you :-)

The Pole practice sessions are extremely benefical, as you can practice the various moves we teach you and link them together in innovative ways..... Some of our students enjoy putting routines together, whether its just for themselves and their own development, or because they are training for a competiton of performance!

Private Lessons

These sessions are great for if you want the Instructor's undivided attention!! Students find that they learn a lot more and the Instructor can tailor the session to suit you! 

We can offer private tuition to focus on a range of different skills, or work on 'that nemesis move', for example:

  • Pole tricks/Spins
  • Choreography
  • Stretch and splits training
  • Polesilks (a fusion of the circus art of 'silks' and pole...at the same time!)
  • Conditioning

It's your unique session, so we will tailor and pre-prepare a lesson plan just for you on whatever you feel like... within reason!!!

Session prices and booking info for each venue are displayed below;


Private sessions at the current studio is £45  (1 student to 1 Instructor)

OR want to share with a friend? £60  (£30 each - 2 students to 1 Instructor)

Availability of these sessions are usually on a Sunday -they can be booked by emailing us at [email protected] if not on the system already.


Private sessions start at just £35 for a Beginner Instructor and £45 for Advanced  (1 student to 1 Instructor)

OR want to share with a friend? £50 (£25 each - 2 students to 1 Instructor)

These can be booked on the booking site as normal if available or you can request one via email [email protected]

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