Two locations, two different vibes

We currently operatate out of two different locations; The Oxford Academy situated near Cowley in Oxford, and The Yoga Barn next to Charlton, near Banbury. (3rd venue for private lessons only coming sooooon!) 

For more info on the individual space as well as directions, etc can be found within the subtab of the "Venues" tab, Oxford or Banbury .


This is where group classes as well as private lessons are held. It is situated within Oxford off the main bypass after the Cowley junction and before the Littlemore roundabout and boasts x6 Floor to ceiling XPOLES. 

More info including directions and booking classes for this venue can be found clicking the button below.

charlton, banbury

Group classes are held in this beautiful yoga studio setting beside the village of Charlton, near Banbury and Brackley.

Private lessons are also available by request on Sunday afternoons.


Private lessons near Southam/Croughton hopefully coming soon!!

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