Updated News, FAQ's and some Reviews!

On this page, you will see updates from us here at Destiny Pole Studio and at the bottom of this page you will find some FAQ's in terms of what to expect at a Pole Session!  Pole really is for everyone - and you'll be surprised to hear that there is NO upper body strength required to start and is for ALL ages!



Destiny Pole is welcoming a new Instructor at our Oxford venue! You may have seen Julia as a student in our mixed ability classes and she is qualified with Spin City Instructor training upto Intermediate level! She will taking over the Wednesday Beginners/Intermediate classes, and introducing Pole Flow and new Beginners courses.. Julia says "i love to teach and see my students improve and do things they didn't think they could".

We are super excited in welcoming Julia as part of the Destiny Team and I'm sure you will all give her a warm welcome :-)



As of 1st July, Destiny Pole is taking on a 2nd studio at the Oxford Academy and offering group classes!!!

We have been given the opportunity to buy the pole equipment from Delilah High Aerial and will continue to provide Pole Fitness classes for the people of Oxford. Natasha has taught for Amy from Delilah High for the past 18 months and is delighted for this opportunity.

Amy will be continuing to teach Aerial Hoop classes at Feel Fit in Cowley.

Due to this, Destiny Pole has been incorporated and welcomes a new director to the panel - Craig Wright!! You may see him from time to time at events, or even in a class near you soon!!



As of today we are extremely pleased and excited to announce that we have moved to a beautiful studio just outside of Middeton Cheney nr Banbury!

We have teamed up with the amazing staff at The Core Zone and are excited to announce we will be running Pole Sessions within their Studio Barn as of the  2nd December 2020 when the National lockdown ends!

This has opened up huge avenues for us, in that we can finally run GROUP POLE CLASSES IN 2021!!!!

We have been running Private sessions for some time now and will continue doing so until the Poles get the go-ahead to be installed...

We are happy to be in a position to continue teaching private lessons at the end of the national lockdown with bookings open now for as soon as next week - so drop us an email or message on the facebook page to book in. Limited sessions available and they will go quickly!

121 and 221 sessions available and we welcome new students too!


With the Coronovirus epidemic, all studios have unfortunately ceased operation...and therefore meaning no pole fix!! :-(

With that said, we shall await Government guidelines and look to start afresh if we can. I'd like to say this will give us time to re-look at the studio space and teach classes again in the future!

Stay tuned and until then.. stay safe! 


2019 brought premises issues - 2020 brought Coronavirus!

We are only teaching private lessons for the foreseeable, but this means you can learn at your own pace at a time and date that suits you! There are some students who like to come weekly, some fortnightly and some monthly - and what's more yo6 can share with 1 or 2 friends to make the cost for each individual cheaper, as well as encouraging each other.

This is a great option for those also looking to perform or compete in local or national competitions, and I have choreographed a winning beginners performance for one student in June 2019 :-)

Private lessons can be in any of the following, or a combination of :

  • Pole Fitness (tricks, spins etc)
  • Pole Silks (using fabric with the pole)
  • Conditioning
  • Flexibility 
  • Choreography 

Drop me an email or a Facebook message to book! 


This date sees the launch of our new website!!! Only 2 weeks after moving studios, so we really are having a fresh new start!

With exactly a month away until our official open day, teaming up alongside SMart Health and Fitness, 7th Heaven Cafe and among others, we have lots to continue preparing!

Look out as we will be hosting a FREE 45min Pole Taster session, as well as cake and other things...because everyone needs pole and cake!

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Q - I'd love to do pole, but I have no upper body strength!
A - You don't need any!! Plus everybody has a degree of strength, you just need to be shown how to utilise it properly! Our classes are designed for complete beginners and are formulated so you WILL be getting stronger and leaner

Q - What exactly is Pole Fitness?

A - Pole Fitness is an extension of Pole Dancing, in that it uses a vertical metal apparatus (the Pole) in order to create a whole body workout. The Pole works the whole body improving stamina, muscle tone, strength, flexibility, co-ordination and posture. It also tightens the core and improves upper body strength! A range of tricks, spins and static holds are taught in a structured manner, and these can be linked together to create "Combos", and some people like to fuse these combos into routines using music.

Q - Why do I have to wear shorts? Every poler I see doesn't seem to be wearing much...

A - The whole reason we wear shorts and not your usual 'gym wear' is because the metal pole requires our skin to grip it. Clothing will give no grip whatsoever and will feel as grippy as sheet ice!!!!! We understand that it is perhaps daunting to sport a pair of shorts, as for most of us this is not our usual attire, and for that reason for your first lesson to make you feel more comfortable you can wear leggings as we will start by teaching spins. You can then always bring a pair of shorts with you....we find with our students the more confident they get the shorter the shorts become!! (Also allowing for those more trickier moves with the extra grip) We have all been there I assure you, but its nothing to be worried about!

Q - What do I wear for my first lesson?

A - You can wear normal Gym attire, IE a vest top and some legging. It would be good to bring some shorts with you, but this doesn't need to happen for the very first lesson (See the Question above!)

You will be bare foot in the studio, so it doesn't matter about footwear. There are some changing rooms along with lockers to place your valuables in, as well as a shower room if required.

Please do bring a bottle of water with you, as you will need to stay hydrated and pole fitness can be just as taxing! Bring your phone too to snap those moves!!

Please also bear in mind, that because we use skin to stick to the pole, there is to be no moisturiser on the skin, especially the hands and legs! 

Q - Where do we go to find the studio?

A - Please refer to the 'Find us' tab for directions and a map. The address is The Stables Barn within The Core Zone, Burgess Farm, Middleton Cheney, Oxfordshire. OX17 2NE 

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